Deep Sea 1 & 2

Deep Sea 2 blk frame portraitThese 2 paintings were my first abstract pieces – and where I fell in love with acrylic painting! The vibrancy of the colours make me catch my breath and I can’t stop smiling!

Each painting started out in the same way – I had no idea where I was going with them but the colours and the movement of the brush creating textures kept showing me where to go next. I stared at them and painted into them a few times before finishing. Then I could see that, inspired by David Attenborough’s stunning programme, Blue Planet 2, I had designed my own under water world. Using Posca pens I picked out the details as I saw them using dots, dashes, & swirls to recreate my own Deep Sea paradise. All they needed now to finish was a coat of acrylic gloss varnish – which like the sea washing a pebble – brought the detail and colours to life in the most extraordinarily beautiful way!

These are painted on canvas boards measuring 24x35cm (10×14″) and are ready to frame or not as preferred. The photos above show the work in mock frames so you can see what they could look like framed. As abstract pieces they can be hung portrait or landscape. Available to buy directly from my Etsy shop.


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