French Vintage wine glasses shelf

French Blackboard Shelf

This is an old drawer from a 60s chest of drawers which Mum & Dad found in the attic when they bought their house in Sheffield in 1984. It was part of a set with a dressing table & wardrobe – originally white & lilac – after Mum had finished with it (another lover of upcycling – see where I get it from?!) it was a groovy bright green and white in my bright new colourful 80s teenage bedroom. It moved with me through the next couple of decades, getting painted various colours along the way. Then the poor thing got stored and unhappy as these items do, getting replaced by newer things.

I decided it was time to love it again, and so this one drawer – the only part of the 3 piece set now left!! – was painted all over in black board paint to give it a nice matt finish, making it perfect for an unusual kitchen blackboard/cabinet. Returning to abundant website, I found a perfect French fancy font wine advert to trace over, then hand colour in with a white Posca pen.

Keeping it in the family, my sister Helen fell in love with it and now has it proudly hanging in her kitchen to store wine glasses on.

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