Into the Dark


IMG_1037These were painted with acrylic paints on 7×5″ canvas boards, with acrylic gloss to finish. Using the same techniques as for my Deep Sea & Into the Blue paintings, I started in an abstract style whilst trying to achieve texture & movement from brush strokes. Choosing darker  colours than I’ve used before – deep sea greens & black with a hint of royal blue – I worked into it, then embellished it with some beautiful paint Dan bought me for Christmas which has a subtle silver shimmer to highlight glimpses of light through the darkness. I finished by emphasising underwater shapes with decorative details using Posca pens.

The frame is preloved, sanded and freshly painted using Annie Sloan’s Neopleonic Blue chalk paint, which I felt matched the painting better than the plain pine it was before. I used a few coats of dark wax over the blue to mute the colour.

This piece is available to buy from Design@44, Sadler Gate, Derby.




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