Little Pretty Dress Mosaic

Dress mosaic

This is a small mosaic I made on a piece of coaster size MDF board. I was snipping up some crockery I’d bought from a charity shop to make another project when I suddenly thought the shape of the rounded piece of cup looked rather like a skirt billowing out and wondered if it would be possible to recreate that in a design.

I started off by drilling a hole in the top of the board, then keyed the surface for the glue to grip to. I designed the dress first, then filled in around it, and added a button detail. You might have noticed there’s a “coat hanger” (broken cocktail stick) at the top of the dress, but I didn’t think this through very well and it was too low so got grouted over unfortunately!

I’m happy with the result and the skirt more or less has the movement I was after. This piece went to a lovely young lady whose mum is called Zoe and is a fellow crafter on Etsy. Visit her shop to see some fab personalised frames and other items at The Purple Owl Tree.



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