Regency style cabinet

Photo 11-03-2014 09 21 06

This is a project I worked on a couple of years ago. For this design I was influenced by a real mishmash of steampunk, regency, literary & distressed styles! I enjoy aspects of all of these and wanted to see if I could create a sense of faded elegance harking back to a bygone drawing room.

First I took the cupboard door off and painted the whole thing in Annie Sloan antique white & duck egg blue chalk paint. I designed the lettering in Photoshop, lightly traced & then hand wrote the literary quotes at each side, painted a vintage mandala design on the top & decoupaged 19th century artwork onto the cabinet’s shelves, back & front.All was then finished off with both clear & dark Annie Sloan wax. As you can see, my cat Dizzy helped oversee the whole project!

This went to my good friend who wanted a decadent feel in her new bathroom 😊

Quotes featured are from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, and Jane Austin’s Mansfield Park. With many thanks to the excellent site for the mandala design and paper images used. A fantastic site for reference vintage images!




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