Sea Mosaic

2013 Sealife mosaic

This was my first ‘proper’ mosaic project and I was keen to see if I could do it. I’d actually bought some gorgeous tiles, special grouting & glue and an A4 MDF board from a mosaic supplier too Mosaic Trader UK. Inspired by a love of sea colours in golds, blues and greens I roughly sketched out a design, then copied it a bit more neatly onto the board in a green Sharpie (who doesn’t love a good new Sharpie pen?!), deciding what colours & textures would go where. (Note to self for next time; if drawing under transparent glass it will be visible…) Then came the snapping of tiles into tesserae (smaller pieces of mosaic) to make up the design. I found the tiny bought square tiles were an absolute dream after snipping other oddments of tiles and crockery I’d previously used!

Next was the sticking all the tiles on stage. The glue was very good and did the job perfectly – I used Parabond Transparent in one of those skeleton type guns you use in DIY. It was a sticky, messy and frustrating job which I didn’t enjoy terribly I have to say, but as the picture built up I felt really satisfied & pleased with it and could forgive the sticky gun it’s shortcomings! (It’s odd – I love getting messy in the garden, quite enjoy getting covered in emulsion and other water based paints, but anything sticky like glue, varnish, gloss – even sugary things like jam despite my sweet tooth! – I hate it!! I can still remember the time as a little girl going to the fair in my cute furry coat and getting sticky pink candy floss all over my chin and coat. Urgh!! Anyway I digress…)

Then mixed up the grout, did the grouting (can’t really remember how that went – this was 2 years ago…) and wiped clean. Hook attached onto the back and bob’s your uncle! No really, he is! Hi Uncle Rob & Auntie Pat…

This piece went to my kooky friend Pat whom I used to work with at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield – she had the Regency cabinet I made another time too. Both items for her new bathroom which I know will be stunning due to her good taste in decor 😉

I’d love to do more mosaic, it’s an art form I particularly admire. Look on Folksy, Etsy & Pintrest for some absolutely stunning inspirational creations! I love the rich colours of the myriad types of mosaic tiles, the quality of the textures and the way the light falls on them. Quite dreamy.




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