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IMG_5538My cat Dizzy and I like nothing better in summer than hanging out in the garden together while I have a good strong coffee and read, and she has a wash/snooze. A couple of years ago I wanted to pretty up a sunny patio area for us sit in. I planned on putting some soft pink, purple & blue flowers in the rather boring existing border, and to add colour and inspiration to the side of my drab shed.

After sanding, I painted the shed in watered down Annie Sloan chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue, then decided on some apt wording, chose a few fonts which worked together and designed it in Photoshop (working to the full size measurements needed on the shed). I then printed several sheets to get all the lettering I needed (obviously it was quite large!). For some unfathomable reason I chose a freezing cold day (brrr!!) to painstakingly trace all the lettering onto the side of the shed using carbon paper underneath the printouts, before colouring it all in with various sizes of white Posca pens – I did this several times to get a thick & even coverage, leaving it to dry for at least an hour in between coats. This was not an easy task – apart from the cold (and I am seriously nesh) I had to balance rather uncomfortably and precariously on tiny bits of upturned paving to reach it properly! Once this never ending process was finally over, the shed had several coats of clear yacht varnish to seal it – fortunately my husband did this for me as I was getting a bit fed up by now!! What a Star!

The photo shows it last year while the border’s still in its early stages. A year on and I’m delighted with how it’s worked out – all that annoying bit in the cold is but a distant memory… I hung a Buddha wood carving I’d had for years beside it and am growing clematis up the shed wall – I have high hopes for it this year! All we need now is summer 🙂



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