“The Tiffin” wooden signs commission

IMG_7309This is a project I was commissioned to do for my fabulous hairdresser, Scott Wallace. At the time he was trying out a new catering idea – he would provide delicious Indian snack & BBQ dishes at The Seven Stars pub in Derby – the food was to be provided under the name “The Tiffin”, and Scott needed signs to advertise it on the night.

The brief was to provide 3 styles of Indian influenced signs, incorporating rustic & distressed styles, colourful vibrancy and gold intricate detailing.

I used my favourite stash of old weathered wood from our garden fence – in fact it’s this project that led me to it, it was just hanging around in the garage waiting to be taken to the tip before this. The wood was perfect for an old distressed effect. I began by sanding the old damaged soft wood away to reveal the grain and beauty within. I love this stage as I never know what shape and curves the sanding process will leave me with! The larger colourful sign was made from an old piece of pine skirting board. I then painted the signs in several layers of colours to suit the particular look of each piece I was going for. I designed the lettering for all of them on the computer using Photoshop, then printed them out to the correct size and traced them onto the boards using carbon paper, before drawing over them with several layers of Posca pens. The other designs were drawn freehand with the Posca pens. Each board was coated in several layers of antique wax, then ethnic bells and hangings were added to complete the look.

If you have a project you’d like me to design signs for please get in touch.

Scott Wallace’s amazing hairdressing skills can be found at Lily Grey on Abbey Street in Derby. I’m biased but do highly recommend him!




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