Lily Grey Art Gallery Wall

Lily Grey hair salon, DerbyWhoop whoop!

My paintings are now on sale at Lily Grey hair salon in Abbey Street, Derby.

Salon owner, Scott Wallace, is an AMAZING hair stylist. Of course, I’m biased having been to him for my 20s style bob for the last 8 years! But I’m often asked where I had my hair cut so so think that says it all! 😋 Scott is a visionary and is always looking for ways to add beauty to the world and support the arts in Derby. His idea of having an art gallery wall in his quirky hair salon is inspired! He’s showcasing the work of several local artists, not just myself. If you’re in the area why not pop in to see them for yourself? His coffee is amazing and the settee is SOO comfy!


photo 21-06-2013 19 46 40
This was taken at one of our jazz nights at Betty’s Tea Rooms in York. Fabulous night!

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