Jewel of the Deep


IMG_1340Available now in my Etsy Shop. This is the largest painting I’ve done so far so I’m very excited about it! Like some of my previous work, the colours took the lead in this design and swirled into the undersea world of my imagination.


The jewel of this painting is a large fuchsia pink sea creature, but for me my favourite parts are the swimming lime green fish and the hazy waving weeds.

Painted with acrylics and then worked into with dots and dashes to highlight details and shapes. This has been finished with a crystal clear varnish to seal & protect.



IMG_1330I have to admit I can’t stop staring at it with a dozy smile on my face 😁 and am so happy with how the colours work into each other that I just want to jump up and down and squeal!! I’m sure this silliness will wear off soon but it’s most enjoyable while it’s happening… ✨

Please note some images have been taken before the varnish was added in order to avoid glare when taking photographs.



IMG_1337This is now available to buy from my Etsy shop  😊


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