Inspiration – illustrator Jane Ray

wishing wellWishing Well by Jane Ray.

Jane Ray is a children’s book illustrator and writer. I first came across her work in the late 90s when I used to buy for Cues Gift Shop at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. She designed, and still does to this day, for Roger la Borde who made some fabulous ranges of greetings cards, wrap etc. My home then was very ethnic in design and there were large sheets of her gift wrap in clip frames all over the house which suited the style really well! Her designs were a part of my everyday life and I drunk in her beautiful vibrant but muted colours and representations of nature and fairytales. They gave off a calming vibe and felt magical & gentle.

Her use of strong colours has had a profound influence on my paintings, and I love the soft moonlit effect she uses to create a hazy magical feel – which is a style I feel I’ve yet to capture! I also love the simplistic and imaginative drawings, such as the large leaves on twigs and the detail she puts on them to highlight and decorate. When I was researching her images I found it very hard to choose my favourites as there are so many beautiful pictures! The small selection below show a variety of her designs but do Google search her images to see many more. Her website is where you can read about the artist and her work.

I got in touch with her before writing this to check she didn’t mind me using some of her images and talking about her and she wrote me a really nice reply back, so I’m guessing she’s as lovely as her work (which makes me very happy)! ☺️✨


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