IMG_0914I love my garden and I long to capture it! It’s almost a subject I’m avoiding as it means so much to me and I don’t want to let it down. It’s something I feel I will be returning to time and again – I aim to grow and blossom!


Golden Fern

This is a mounted mixed media piece – the background is an abstract acrylic painting using swirling dark green colours to represent the shady areas ferns love to live in – whilst the fern leaf is picked out in bronze and gold metallic dots using paint pens to highlight the detail (inspired by the spores found underneath the leaves).

Available to buy from my Etsy Shop. This piece is mounted but unframed. Size of outer mount 9×7″.


Pair of Floral Pictures in Clip Frames

Painted on pieces of upcycled canvas, these matching textured pieces are painted in shades of green with bursts of red & yellow, and highlighted with dotty details using paint pens.

Available to buy from my Etsy Shop. Clip frame dimensions are A6 6×4″ (10x15cm).

Gail’s Garden

This was a commission from a lovely lady with an absolutely beautiful garden. She wanted something for above her fireplace which matched the colour palette used in her decor – grey, pale blue & mustard yellow. I thought it would be great to bring her garden inside, as though the flowers had been cut and brought indoors to enjoy! I used a lot of texture on this canvas board, including tissue paper and sea salt flakes, then used acrylic paints and Posca pens for detailing and definition, before finishing with gloss varnish to protect. Gail was very happy with this piece I’m delighted to report!


I’m a Fan

This piece is a nod to an abstract but I’m convinced it’s something created in nature… a sea anemone, whispy whispering grass, a shell? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

** SOLD **

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