Sea Scenes

Evening Flight framedI don’t live near the sea (although in the UK you’re never THAT far away!) but like most people I love the peace and intensity that overwhelm whenever I sit on a rock and simply stare at the repetitive motion of the waves.

I had to paint a couple of seascapes just to remind myself of that sensation…


Stormy Sea was painted on a small square of wood. I really wanted to try a fairly monotone piece and started with broad brush strokes dark at the top, light at the bottom and meeting with mid tones in the middle. The sky, moonlight and sea jumped out at me as I painted, so I added tiny dashes of silver sparkle to the crests of the waves. This mounted and framed piece is now SOLD but look out for future similar designs as I enjoyed painting in this style.


Evening Flight framed

Evening Flight

One evening I saw a stunning lilac sunset and imagined how it would look over the sea’s horizon. A couple of seabirds just flying into this scene from the right give this piece its focus and its title.

Available to buy from my Etsy Shop. Shown here in a mock up frame for demonstration only. This piece is sold mounted but unframed.


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