My Bedroom decor upcycled & thrifty!… Part 1

IMG_8487A while ago we FINALLY decided to get around to painting our bedroom. The room is pretty small really – just big enough to fit the king sized bed and a chest of drawers with a narrow strip of space to get round (I’d pinched the “master bedroom” as my craft room!)
However, the walls weren’t being used and we wanted something that suited us and made the tiny room a bit more interesting. We decided on a grey palette as it we’d seen the colour everywhere and thought it looked cool, and also would provide a neutral background to whatever accent colours we fancied at any one time.


IMG_8578There’s a built in airing cupboard which is crammed with bedding and those “what shall we do with this??” type items. The inside is still in need of a makeover and is rather shabby without the chic but is very useful storage wise. The door is a very functional and rather bland office type cheapo door, which had a horrible equally cheapo metal handle on it when we moved in. The door is bang opposite where I sleep so I did a lot of staring at that rather uninspiring door! After lots of prep as there were a few craters from badly drilled holes, we painted the door in Cuprinol wood paint Urban Slate. I really like the finish these paints give and they’re very pleasant to use being water based. After far too much over thinking we decided to paint all the skirting boards and architraves white so that was easy! I fancied something on the door to make it exciting and wondered about a quote but didn’t want it to be too cheesy. Anyway, we love cats and we love jazz so I went for “Everybody wants to be a cat” from the Aristocats, with a little drawing of a cat stretching I copied from a mug! I designed this in GIMP using a quirky 50s style font, printed it out to various sizes and then transferred the letter outlines using white dressmaking transfer paper (like carbon paper but white). Basically you put the paper underneath your design and press hard over the outline with a ballpoint pen which has run out of ink (or similar). I picked up this technique from website – there are so many useful tips on there! I then used PC-5M & PC-3M sized grey Posca paint pens to fill in. I love these pens and I use them a lot in my crafts. I did find though that it can be a but tricky using them over Cuprinol paint. I had to be really careful and almost ended up dabbing the paint on as it you scratch over the paint surface it can tear the base paint a little! Oops! Had a couple of hairy moments but overall, with patience and a few well chosen words(!) the technique turned out well. A beautiful ceramic cream handle finished it off – this was one I’d had in a house years ago so the thrifty theme continued. I knew it would come in one day!!

Please ignore the yet-to-be-replaced brown curtains reflected in the mirror! This large pine framed mirror was given to me by my sister who was planning to sell it at a car boot. I love navy blue and think it lifts the grey whilst still staying fairly neutral to provide a background against accent colours. I painted the frame and clear waxed it and stood it on the chest of drawers as an oversized focal point and to create an impression of space. The drawers are lovely quality repro pine with lovely brass handles, sanded and painted with the Urban Slate Cuprinol again, and the brass has been semi polished to bring them out without making them over bright! The lightshade you can see in the mirror is navy blue and is much larger than it looks in the reflection! I’d noticed my favourite styles of decor always seemed to have an overlarge light and I feel it works really well in this space. The fairy lights are in a very tall rustic glass spaghetti jar I fished out of my mother in law’s skip! I love them, they cast such a pretty glow!

The smaller of the 2 vintage frames is a cheap Ikea one, painted and waxed with a print out on photo paper of a doctored vintage graphic I did using GIMP, again from

The larger frame is very vintage! I’m not sure how old it is and I can’t even remember where I got it from now (I do have rather a huge stash of collected vintage frames gathered from car boot sales, friends & family, some of which I upcycle and sell). The glass is really heavy and the frame is quite delicate so I had decided this was one I was going to keep as I didn’t trust passing it on – far too fragile! I painted the frame with blues & greens and dark waxed. It feels right to use with an art deco picture. As before, this is one I designed with GIMP software using a classic art deco fan design background, the same vintage image face as before, but coloured differently this time. The roses are from my own garden and photos. At the time I didn’t have the right size mount to use so I cut the outer one from an old photo album (about 25 years old and never used so the paper is nice and aged!) I felt it needed something else though so I cut an inner mount from a wallpaper cut off I’d been given with a cute vintage tea set design on it. I’m really happy with this arrangement of frames and mirror now!

You can see some of my work for sale in my Etsy shop using this vintage face image, and I’m happy to take commissions if you have something specific in mind, just get in touch using the contact page.

More details about other bedroom frames follow in future blogs 😁






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