Hedgerow Delights… Hello Autumn

🌿 Now the sky is complete cloud and the recent overbearing heat has dissolved, the thought of autumn feels possible. Once again at this time of year, Jim Morrison’s haunting voice pops into my head with “Summer’s almost gone…” I refuse to be sad and wistful this year though. Autumn brings so many good things and so much beauty, as well as a natural pause and a gathering of oneself before jumping into the flurry of activity that is September and the mad hurly burly rush towards Christmas 😊🍃🍄 This year, coming slowly out of the Covid-19 crisis (and maybe heading back at any time, who knows?!), I’m going to enjoy autumn and all it has to offer. Slow ambles through the woods watching the landscape as it changes, pottering in the golden garden with the cats, excitedly planning for Christmas in the land of Millie Moth and soaking up the inspiration and joy this season brings.

Last year I painted quite a few autumnal pieces, and this year I’ll introduce them to my various product ranges – such as the square cards I introduced in the early spring, and the fantastic variety of homewares, clothing and accessories available in my print-on-demand MillieMoth shop on Redbubble.com. I’m currently designing a planner/journal type book too. It’s so new I haven’t even decided exactly how it will be yet! No doubt this will feature some autumnal details. I have to say, I’m VERY excited about it and am hoping it will be available from mid September. Watch this space 😊 I have a brand new calendar newly delivered too – more about that another time – see my recent social media channels for news of that.

The Blackberries alcohol ink painting featured above is one of my favourite pieces. I think it’s the colours! I just love how the green leaves work against the vivid blue sky. I’d been fancying painting berries for a while when I did this one. I think I did the Virginia Creeper a few months before if I remember rightly which were my first berries. This painting was based on photos and studies I did of my virgina creeper in the garden – it’s such a treat every year when it turns that shockingly vibrant red! We have a rowan tree just outside our house, and my Swedish friend, Milla, kept dropping hints about me painting the bold berries on this tree – she said it reminded her of the woods in Sweden. Paired with the Hips & Haws painting (I’ve always loved that so evocative phrase hips n haws), which as you can imagine, features rose hips and hawthorn berries, these 2 make a nice set. Add in the Holly & Ivy painting for a third! These were all painted onto A4 Yupo paper about the same time – I still have all 3 of these framed originals, please just contact me if interested (also the original Blackberries, which is painted on A6 Yupo paper and framed). I’m really happy with the reproduction on my prints, but there is a certain vibrancy and level of detail that really jumps out at you in the original work. You can find all prints – framed or unframed – online in my Millie Moth shop 🌿 I do plan to add the originals. When I get a Round Tuit, as they say.

This Blackberries painting takes me straight back to my childhood, on the edge of the common with my Mum, Dad and my sister, armed with Tupperware and old ice cream tubs. Stretching and straining for the plumpest berries just out of reach, scratching my arms on the thorns, trailing silky spiders webs through my fingers and squinting up at the hazy sun. Recoiling as a ripe berry soggily explodes in my hand, delighted at the sweet taste and crunch of the pips when I find a good one. The smells of late summer as everything begins to sag and go over. The feel of a damp flannel to wipe our mucky dabs on. I always did hate being sticky! I remember when I was very young going to a fair in nearby Hillsborough Park (I lived across the road from there in Sheffield for the first 15 years of my life). I was wearing a black and white furry coat, which seems very decadent now looking back! and I had a big pink candy floss. I remember getting sticky goo all over the collar of my coat and it rubbing ickily against my neck. Yuk!! Ha ha!

We had some very happy times as kids 😊 Thanks Mum & Dad 😘

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