Hedgerow Delights… Hello Autumn

🌿 Now the sky is complete cloud and the recent overbearing heat has dissolved, the thought of autumn feels possible. Once again at this time of year, Jim Morrison’s haunting voice pops into my head with “Summer’s almost gone…” I refuse to be sad and wistful this year though. Autumn brings so many good things and so much beauty, as well as a natural pause and a gathering of oneself before jumping into the flurry of activity that is September and the mad hurly burly rush towards Christmas 😊🍃🍄 This year, coming slowly out of the Covid-19 crisis (and maybe heading back at any time, who knows?!), I’m going to enjoy autumn and all it has to offer. Slow ambles through the woods watching the landscape as it changes, pottering in the golden garden with the cats, excitedly planning for Christmas in the land of Millie Moth and soaking up the inspiration and joy this season brings.

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